Lexus UX EV charging at night

Lexus has channelled decades of industry-leading expertise in the development of hybrid-electric technology to introduce its first fully electric vehicle (EV), the UX 300e.

Unveiled in Guangzhou, China, the UX 300e signals a next-generation investment in performance and battery technology, incorporating a high-output motor and high-capacity lithium-ion battery that deliver a 400km* driving range.

The all-electric UX 300e offers maximum power of 150kW and torque of 300Nm, targeting a level of smooth performance similar to the current (175kW/350Nm) 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four-cylinder IS 350 sedan and RC 350 coupe.

The UX 300e takes about 50 minutes for quick charging and about seven hours for household AC charging, from empty.

Maximum efficiency for the motor, inverter, gears and battery has been leveraged from the development of the popular UX 250h self-charging hybrid-electric variant.

The 300e also benefits from the high body rigidity and low centre of gravity of the GA-C platform used for the UX, in order to maintain excellent handling stability.

The UX 300e suspension has been thoroughly tuned to target the same high steering response and high-quality ride comfort as the UX 250h. Shock-absorber damping force has been optimised to match the additional battery capacity.

A Drive Mode Select function lets customers manage smooth acceleration and deceleration. Paddle shifters can be used in a similar manner to engine braking, providing four levels of deceleration regeneration.

A shift-by-wire system on the centre console contributes to the simplicity and functionality of the interior design.

Lexus UX EV rear view

Compared with the UX 250h – the best-selling self-charging hybrid-electric luxury compact SUV in the Australian market – the roof has a 5mm higher peak while ground clearance is 20mm lower.

Lexus engineers kept the distinctive design and the utility characteristics of the UX SUV intact, while aerodynamic performance benefits from the application of special wheels and an underbody cover.

The world premiere of the UX 300e occurs just one month after Lexus unveiled Lexus Electrified, its global electrification strategy that targets a fundamental leap in vehicle performance, handling, control and driver enjoyment.

The technology of Lexus Electrified enables integrated control of powertrain, steering, suspension, and brakes, realising the ultimate potential of the motor control technology cultivated in hybrid vehicles.

With this technology, Lexus can control the driving force to provide ideal vehicle posture according to each driving situation.

At the same time, UX 300e has one of the quietest cabins in its class, as befits the sound management heritage of the Lexus DNA.

The UX 300e is scheduled to go on sale in China and Europe next year and in Japan in early 2021.

Lexus also announced it will launch its first plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle in select markets in 2021. It is developing a dedicated platform for battery-electric vehicles and will offer an electrified variant for each model in its global line-up by 2025.

Lexus UX 300e motor specifications  
Placement Front
Model 4KM
Max output 150kW
Max torque 300Nm

Lexus UX 300e battery specifications  
Type Lithium-ion
Capacity 54.3kWh
Range 400km*
Charging speed
Standard (AC) charge Max 6.6kW
Quick (DC) charge Max 50kW


*New European driving cycle

Pre-production model[/s] shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.


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