Modern Slavery Statement


Section One

Reporting Entity

Section Two

Our Structure, Operations and Supply chains

Section Three

Risks of modern slavery practices in the operations and supply chains of the reporting entity

Section Four

Due diligence and remediation processes

Section Five

Assessing the Effectiveness of our Actions

Section Six

Consultation with our entities

Section Seven

Other relevant information

Principal Approval


Section 1:

Reporting Entity

THE AUSTCORP GROUP (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED ( ACN 080 926 414 ), is the controlling entity of The Gas Motor Group. The Gas Motor Group deems modern slavery as a severe violation of human rights that we oppose in all forms. We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen and we always act with integrity.

Section 2:

Our Structure, Operations and Supply Chains

The Gas Motor Group is a family-owned group of businesses located in Melbourne, Australia. The Gas Motor Group established in (date) have 12 sites in Victoria and 1 site in Queensland, combined we employ 554 people and represent 10 brands. The safety, security and wellbeing of our employees is paramount.

Our core operation is retailing new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles, camper trailers, finance and insurance, vehicle service and repairs, vehicle accessory fitment, warehousing, logistics and parts supply.

Our Culture is derived from our Beliefs & Values which are proudly on display in every building of our company. Through our employee induction process we inculcate our team by issuing all members our Beliefs & Values card.

Mission statement  Belief & values statement

Section 3:

Our Modern Slavery Risks in Operations and Supply Chains

Gas Motors has adopted a targeted and risk-based approach to identifying, assessing, and addressing modern slavery risks in its business operations and supply chains. This approach is consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and means that Gas Motors has and will continue to focus its actions to address modern slavery risks on the highest risk areas.

We rely on a large network of third parties to provide products and services to keep our dealerships operational. These include motor vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and parts suppliers, office cleaning services, car detailing services, marketing, advertising companies, recruiting firms, promotional item providers, on- site security service providers, information technology consultants, accounting, and law firms. We acknowledge that there may be modern slavery risks in its supply chains, and we will maintain a focus on mitigating these risks.

We are confident that we operate in a relatively low risk sector, and our risks are mitigated by our principal suppliers (OEMs) having their own anti-slavery statements and procedures in place.

Risks in Operations:

Gas Motors considers the risks of modern slavery practices within our business operations to be low based on two key factors: (1) all of our operating locations are based in Australia (2) our staff are employed and remunerated under the VRSR award and the Clerks private sector award. Our Code of Conduct, Grievance Policy and Whistle Blower Policy also help to ensure that our various workplaces are professional environments that are not conducive to current or future modern slavery practices or risks.

Risks in Gas Motors Supply Chains:

We are taking proactive steps to measure supply chain risks by engaging our suppliers. We have sent to a Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Once we have received enough responses we will have a greater insight into our supplier risks and we can begin to work with those suppliers to address and remediate those risks.

Section 4:

Our Actions to Address Modern Slavery Risks

We are in the early stages of providing more training to Senior Executives, department Managers and relevant employees. This will commence FY 2023.

Section 5:

Assessing the Effectiveness of our Actions

Our internal audit team will monitor specific steps taken to assess and address Modern Slavery risks within our day-to-day operations and with our suppliers on an annual basis. We intend to establish key performance metrics to assess our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. Gas Motors Group partner with our external auditors to undertake independent reviews and report on any trends identified in the Motor Industry.

Section 6:

Consultation with our Entities

In order to prepare this joint statement, we engaged with each of the reporting entities covered by this statement and consulted the entities we own or control. Gas Motor Group is 100% owned by the reporting entity and controlled by the same directors. As such, we are proactively directing the related entities to comply with the requirements of our MSA Policy in their day-to-day operations and supply chains by training videos and information to raise awareness of modern slavery risks and encourage consultation and engagement to ensure reporting of modern slavery risks via

Section 7:

Other Relevant Information

Gas Motors is a member of both the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) and the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) which is the peak advocacy body representing Australian new car dealerships. Gas Motors have engaged with these motor industry groups to collaborate and develop best practice principles to combat modern slavery in similar industry sectors with similar supply chains.

Principal Governing Body Approval

This statement, as required under Section l3 of the Modern Slavery Act 2018, was reviewed and approved by the Directors of Gas Motors PL and Gasmak PL 20 April 2023.

Graeme Stewart Director

Daniel McKenzie Director


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